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hello layouts!

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welcome to hellolayouts, a new layout dump from helloandie. i've been making premade layouts for a little while and eventually had enough to justify a community. it's funny because you can kind of see the progression of my learning overrides. ha ha.


1. you must join to see the layouts. common sense, really.
2. don't modify and redistribute. that's retarded.
3. comment if taking and credit in your user info using the button below, or a user tag in your userinfo. (like this: <*lj user="hellolayouts"> - remove the *) c'mon, show some <3.
4. please don't request a custom layout. the answer will be no. from time to time i'll ask for suggestions, so just suggest what you want then and maybe i'll make it. that's a big maybe.


you may credit using the banner below, feel free to hotlink the image.

need help?

if you're new to using premade layouts, click here.
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would you like to be listed here? leave me a comment or email me or something. use the button above for reciprocation purposes. oh ho ho.

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